The coolest little office in Brighton

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Brighton Office complete!

I love a challenge.

I really do... So here is the challenge, fit 2 work spaces, a reception area and a meeting space in a little office and of course storage!

And I mean little office.  Tiny little!

The space is now the satellite office for a conveyancing company I am doing a bit of work with.

In this tiny space, I thought long and hard how to fit everything in make it interesting and functional.  A few drafts were drawn and I had to make a few trips to the site to sit and envision how it could all work.

First things first, I arrange for some built in cabinetry (with sliding doors) to house stationary, files and the great big photocopier/printer/scanner.  I knew I couldn't fit both a reception desk and a meeting table in the space, so I created a multi-purpose desk that could be used for meetings as well as a work space.  I went for the same look for the work desk which was long to comfortably allow 2 staff members to work there.  Both bespoke pieces were ordered.

The walls were painted white to make the room brighter  and I ordered a beautiful large scale print to make the room appear bigger.

The carpet had to stay so I ordered a rug to cover the area and also to define the space of the meeting/reception desk.  A rattan pendant, some chairs, grids on the walls above the work desk, some styling pieces and office was complete.

I am so happy as how this room has turned out.  It's bright and has a unique look, making it such an enjoyable work space.

Chat soon!


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