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I personally don't think there has been any  house from a movie that has been as copied and talked about as this gorgeous Hamptons house in the movie "Somethings gotta give".  I love everything about it!  From its stripped dhurri rug in the living room to the Mora Sweddish clock to the kitchen to Erica's (Diane Keaton's character) bedroom... everything!

What is it about Nancy Meyers?  My 3 favourite movie houses are all her movies, "Something's Gotta Give", "The Holiday" and "It's Complicated".  Set Decorator in all these movies has been Beth Rubino, who somehow makes the homes as an additional character in the movies...

The exterior used is an actual house in Southhampton NY, and now for the heartbreaking part... the interior is a stage set and not a real house... it broke my heart when I first read that as it feels so real, so full of life and character!

Little trivia here, the actual house sold a couple of years ago for a cool $10 million!

So here is the interior of the house...

 My eyes keep going to the beautiful stripe dhurri on the floor.  Beth Rubino has said in an interview that it's an antique and had to cut it to fit the layout of the room!  Another heartbreak... cutting an antique rug!  But she had to do what she had to do because the rug ties the whole room together.  The slipcovers on the couch give this room a comfortable beach feel and more collected than decorated!  And of course the Mora wall clock!  it takes such a centre piece to the whole room.

The artwork throughout the movie is by LA artist Kenton Nelson.  Nelson's painting of figures, landscapes and buildings is bright and bathed in sunlight, adding a splash of colour to the otherwise beige, grey, pale blue colour palette. 

 The ceiling to floor french doors are amazing...

Throughout the house there are lots of built in bookcases.

What a clever use of the corner, to make it a reading area! Love the rattan chairs.

Here is a look at the kitchen with the little sitting area right next to...

The kitchen is all white with what appears to be soapstone counter!  Another spoiler here, the counter is actually painted plywood!  How good do they make it look!  

Love the subway tiles, plain classic and elegant!

The natural light makes this kitchen bright and cheerful.  The glass top cabinet are in fitting with the lived in look as well as the use of the island as storage for books and all things.  I did copy that idea when I was renovating my kitchen and I have my cookbooks, microwave as well and draws in my island bench.

During an interview, Beth Rubino said that she was inspired by a friend of hers that had her plates displayed in her dining area.  She loved that look and sought to replicate it for this movie.  It is subtle yet so elegant.  Also the dining table with the toile slip covered chairs are perfect for this house/room!

I love Erica's study in her bedroom which over looks the ocean!  I would never get anything done if I had that view!

The beautiful bay windows, more built in shelves, the elegant lighting, amazing rugs... I am drooling over this room.

More of Nelson's artwork is in Erica's bedroom, and I also love how nothing is hung on the wall but rather sitting on the mantle.  A subtly casual look!

A beach house would not be complete without a pool and outdoor area.

As you might have gathered I have watched this movie so many times and each time I notice something new in this amazing house!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of one of my most favourite movie houses.

In the coming weeks I will give you tours of my other favourite movie houses.

Chat soon!


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