Dreamy Movie Homes - The Holiday

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So the story goes... Amanda (Cameron Diaz) is a successful American movie advertisement editor who discovers her partner is cheating on her just before Christmas.  On the other side of the world in the English countryside, and around the same time Iris (Kate Winslet) discovers her lover is getting engaged with another woman.  Neither woman is wanting to stay home and both do a house swap.  So Iris lands in L.A. in Amanda's mansion and Amanda in Iris charming snow covered cottage... Here is where the fun begins, especially for an interior voyager like me!

Amanda's home...  A "real" house in San Marino, Pasadena, although it appears to be in Beverly Hills in the movie.  Built in 1928 the Spanish Mission mansion is huge!  White with beautiful red Spanish tiled roof, the house was used for the exterior shots, the interior was in a sound stage!

The house has a hotel feel in its colour palette all cream/brown/greys.  Very neutral with a hint of colour but definitely not cold...

The kitchen with it's industrial sized is screaming for food, friends and wine!

The big French-doors are perfect for the California indoor/outdoor lifestyle...

We don't get to see Amanda's bathroom in the movie much but here it is... modern light and bright like the rest of the house!

The joy that Iris felt when she first saw this hotel-styled bedroom!

The sitting room has a refined elegance with the loose slip covers on the sofa and chairs while the dark cushions and drapes make it a bit more formal.  If you notice very closely you might just see a glimpse of Christmas decoration!

The cute quaint cottage that is Iris's home in Surrey is such a contrast to Amanda's mansion.  It is hard to comprehend that this is just a facade purposely built for the movie

A closer look at the stone cottage with its pale blue windows and door!  Iris is into the Christmas spirit with the elegant wreath on her door.

Ahhh the tiny bathroom with its stone call, love how a dresser is used in the bathroom and also the detailed painted floorboards.

Iris's living room is so perfect, just like Iris!  The lush cozy upholstery and the most amazing tufted ottoman that is doubling as a coffee table brings this room together...

It would be remiss of me not to mention the amazing stone wall and fireplace... such a feature in this cozy room.  It's a little bit country yet the modern prints make it a bit contemporary as well!

Iris's bedroom has yet another beautiful fireplace providing warmth and atmosphere to this room.  The rich colours and fabrics add to this warmth!  Love the little blue desk that acts like a side table....

Amanda is obviously not used to the England cold...

 The kitchen also has blue as it's key colour and a beautiful fireplace.  The butchers trolley adds the modern element to this country kitchen. 

It's a hard choice to pick which house I would love to have the most... Amanda's slick and modern house or Iris's cute and cozy cottage... Well as this is my post and I can add my favourite space of this movie and it's neither of these... but rather Graham's (Jude Law) girls room with the amazingly magical tent in it...

Imagine the fun you could have in this magical tent!

 I hope you enjoyed the tour of these two beautiful houses!

Chat soon!


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