Black Rock project

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A few years ago whilst working with Mermaid Bay, I got the opportunity to work on my friend Meg and Brads home.

They were more or less building a brand new home, apart from 2 wall at the front of the house.  There was me, Laura, the architect and Marcus their builder.

The brief from Meg was modern, clean lines and minimal but rich in textures, fabrics and depth.  More importantly she wanted a home for her family and not a showroom.  The brief from the architect was white!  White everything... walls, floors, tiles, furniture... Lets just say we had a few interesting meetings where I had to be the voice for my client.

After a great many months, long meetings, lots of sourcing and subsequent shopping trips (including an amazing trip to India to source rugs), their beautiful home in Black Rock was completed.

What was accomplish is an amazing home with an abundance of natural light, amazing spaces for both parents and kids, a spectacular kitchen that actually meets the needs of a growing family.  Bathrooms that are spacious, practical yet magnificent to look at... playrooms, study... the list goes on...

such a fun boys room

the amazing Togo sofas 

we renamed this wallpaper "linen suit"

the apaiser bath taking centre stage

so much to love in this room and so many iconic pieces

this room...

the kids bathroom with its wet room

I had many clashes with the architect about this bathroom... he called it the "disco room"

the kitchen with its contrasting island!

this amazing piece from Michael Peck was a special commission by the clients

the living room

much discussion about this staircase and entry... its very impressive
Hope you enjoyed looking at this beautiful home as much as I have enjoyed working on it!

Chat soon!


Works completed whilst working at Mermaid Bay Interiors
Photography Chris Groenhout

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