About me!

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How do I start... and where do I start!

Lets start with little bit about me and what I love.

I am a married Greek/Australian mother of 2, living in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne.  Pretty meh so far.  I also love cooking, travelling, fashion, interiors and renovating old homes. A LOT.  Really, I love all those things a lot.  It is starting to make me a little more interesting.

I am an  interior designer working for my own company.  My home very much a reflection of what I love about interiors, coastal/beach shack is one way of describing it. I love nothing better than crisp white linen sheets, lots of cushion and a good old gallery wall. My husband and I have a passion for real estate and transforming old homes.

I love clothes! I love black, white, grey clothes to be precise... okay a bit of navy as well.  Up until recently, I was overweight and fashion took a back step for me but not anymore.  So it's safe to say watch this space...

I love my food.  I was raised by amazing cooks, my mum, my aunts and grandma... all amazing cooks and I learned to cook from a very young age.  My food is mainly Greek home cooking or Mediterranean inspired.  And like most Greek families food is everything! Also, I am an avid collector of cookbooks.   I have hundreds of them, mainly from my favourite chefs or even some of my favourite authors ( I will post Marian Keyes chocolate mousse, you will see what I mean!).

Last but not least is my love for travel... Ahhh... I live and work to travel.  I can't contain my excitement the moment we decide the next holiday.  I do have quite strict criteria and  I will let you know these and many of my travel tips in future posts.  Suffice to say Europe is my destination of choice,  Mykonos is my happy place and Paris has my heart.

So thats me in a few paragraphs...


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