A few of my Favourite things

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Do you have a product you can't live without?

Well that's a bit extreme but seriously do you have a product that you always make sure you never run out?

Well I do.  I have 4 to be exact!

No 1 on my list...

Dior Iconic Mascara

Dior - Diorshow Iconic Mascara... (Black) without a doubt THE best mascara!  I look like an alien without having mascara on, you see unlike most Greeks, I have fair lashes and they are very fine.  This product defines my lashes and gives me an actual lash line.  I love it and always make sure that I never run out.

image dior.com

MAC Lip Pencil 

MAC Lip Pencil... (Spice) is the perfect allrounder, especially for my natural lip colour.  It actually looks like an extension of my lips.  Having been a teenager in the 80s, I have a fear of a darker lip liner and lighter lipstick and thats a reason I truly like this colour.  I actually trace around my lip line and then I fill in my lips.  You see I am not one to constantly be putting lippy on and filling in my lips allows me to get away with it!

image davidjones.com.au

Stila Liquid Eyeliner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner... (Intense Black) is my must have.  Again like the mascara, I need all the help I can get around the lash line.  This does the trick and some.  Easy to apply and most importantly stays all day.  I finish it off with a dark eyeshadow and I am ready for the day (or night!).

image mecca.com.au

BYREDO Gypsy Water EDP

BYREDO Gypsy Water EDP ... I actually don't leave home with putting some on. All the time! This smells so so good.  It's woody, citrusy and sweet all mixed in so beautifully... Boho in a bottle!  It's hubbies/kids go to pressies for Mothers Day!

image mecca.com.au

I would have liked to have added a concealer here but I am still on the look out for a good one.

Having spent a small fortune in skin care for the past 35 years, I am lucky to have relatively good skin and I don't always wear coverage like CC creme or foundation, although I always use concealer.  Will keep you posted once I find a really good one!

So there you have it, let me know your favourites.

Chat soon!


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