Zimmermann Resort

by - 5:09 PM

Some people have the most amazing jobs/careers/vocations in life... one of those blessed people is blogger Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage... A blog about her two passions... Wanderlust and Wardrobe!

Imagine travelling the world, all the top designers throwing clothes to you and all you have to do is travel to the most amazing places and wear those clothes... Oh I forgot to mention that she is stunningly beautiful and with the most amazing body!  Yeap! Hard Life...

The 24-year old Sydney-sider ex-real estate agent started her blog in 2010 and now has a twitter following  of $11K and instagram of $235K...

Here she is wearing one of our personal faves from Zimmermann Resort, available online at www.littlebylittle.com.au ... in Croatia!

Chat soon!


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