Final Day in Black Rock

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They do call it the 7-year itch... I guess there is merit to that phrase.

On the 15th of August 2006, I took over a little shop in Black Rock called Little by Little.  I had no knowledge of running a business.  NOTHING!  All I knew was that I loved fashion and especially kids fashion!  The shop was quite run down, crowded and dark.  Dark grey carpet, butter cream walls with antiquated fittings and not a mannequin in sight.

I knew the potential, I could honestly picture the transformation from the moment I set foot in that shop... White walls, white fit-out, clean pine floorboards, with a splash of colour... a red chandelier!  A bit of a Nordic theme about it!

It took us 2 frantic weeks to get it up and running... I still remember the excitement of unpack the unknown stock... the good (Fred Bare at its best!) the bad (striped purple and orange dresses) and the plain ugly (imagine a dress with puffy sleeves, blue ombre with a safari/giraffe print on the skirt, needless to say it was sent straight back!).  I didn't do the ordering but had to accept some of the previous owners orders.  The VIP night where I invited family and friends to join me in launching my new business.  The excitement, the anticipation, the pride.

The first day I opened to the general public, I remember I was so nervous I wanted to throw up.  I distinctly recall my very first general public customer.

Fast forward the years during that time I have had the privilege and honour to see my customers children be born, some go to kinder, others to school, go to formals... grow into beautiful young ladies and men!  I have been blessed to have made the most beautiful empowering friendships, the most amazing support network and all through this little shop in Black Rock...

After tomorrow, 15th August 2013, Little by Little and I will embark into a new phase... an exciting new era of Little by Little... again the same anticipation, excitement and pride...

Little by Little will take a new form... Like I promised, different yet the same!  One thing I have always had great pride in is our customer service and I don't want to lose that!

Little by Little won't be just your run of the mill web store... We will be pop-ups and not just for sale time!  Pop-ups and Open days when we have optimal stock levels so that our customers can buy the best, and at the best times!   There are so many new and exciting things that you will slowly  find out in due course...

In the meantime if you haven't subscribed to our website please do so by clicking here.

And Thank You for the support, the journey and the future.

Chat soon!


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