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The next phase of Little by Little is going really well...

I am constantly on the look out for new things and new designers... that's the fun part of the job! 

very positive...
Places where I always make a point of going and seeing what is going on is places like Finders Keepers, Mathilda Market and Magnolia Square.  In the past I have picked up people like Tutu Du Monde (Matilda's Market!), Mon Star, Mill and Mia (now going really far back). I love these markets because you meet the designers selling their wares.  They are new and raw and unaffected.  Their passion is their product and I can't help but feel that energy being infectious.

the neon rabbin cushion

Recently at Finders Keepers, I found this gorgeous lady that has a great range of homewares, a brand called Bird meets Bliss.  Her homewares are minimal, symbolic and have a positive thing to say about the world!  Bam!  Need to have! Her gorgeous cushions will fluro bunnies and her I love mum prints are amazing and what about the gorgeous "You're beautiful" prints... what a positive and uplifiting message to give to someone or even yourself!

the pillowcases

Recently I heard that she is introducing new designs and new products... well I can't wait to see them!

Bird meets Bliss products are available instore at Little by Little and online!

Chat soon!



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