Kimmy looking good!

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I think it is totally unfair that pregnant women cop so much heat for the way their bodies change during pregnancy!  Not fair at all... Most times they can't help it! (Unless you are my friend Mrs S who loved ice cream!)

For 9 months during both of my pregnancies, I was so sick that I ended up loosing weight, yet everyone was complimenting me on how good I looked... seriously couldn't they see how green I was!

Although not a fan of Kim Kardashian, I feel sad for her.  Here she is coping with all the changes that are going on in her life and her body, she has live out these changes in full view of the whole world.  I know what you're going to say, she chose to live her life under the spotlight of the cameras, agreed but there is no need to be cruel about it!

Sure she is guilty of making some terrible fashion choses, and some pieces are plain hidious, but she has had some great looks as well... funny how no-one has highlighted those! Or better still how amazing did she look in a bikini on a recent visit to Mykonos... really people this is a woman who is 7 months pregnant!

For that reason I have decided to show you my favourite "pregnant Kimmy" looks!

how amazing does she look in this lace kaftan?

Nude and leather pants... 

she nails the casual look, because of the beautiful soft fabrics

the fabric is a little heavy but still a very elegant dress

white jeans and cami and nude cardi... gorgeous

a nice little shift

all I am looking at is THE bag!

boyfriend jean and Chanel! Perfect!

Chat soon!


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