A change is as good as a holiday...

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As many of you know, I haven't been at the shop for over 13 weeks.  I haven't been there all this time because I got injured on the 30th of November.  My injuries were so substantial that I have spent the most part in a wheel chair and I have just started to walk (with crutches) and to drive (very short distances!).  I have been very lucky to have the support of so many people to be able to focus on my well being during this time.

Whilst I have been at home I have had the opportunity to really sit down and sort my head space out.  It is a luxury that I haven't been able to do for a very long time... a luxury that has been forced upon me!

A lot of the time I have spent thinking about my business, Little by Little, and how I can improve it!  I know if it's not broke why fix it...  things can't sit still everything needs improving, evolving, changing!  So with much consultation and much needed feedback from customers I have made and will be making some rather exciting changes...

Firstly we have said goodbye to some old friends (brands that is, not people), hello to some new ones, and welcome back to some others...  Our "mission statement" for a use of a better term, is to define ourselves as a boutique, things hard to find anywhere else and really focus on those and not on brands readily available in  department stores.  And not just items for the little people and babies in your life, things that are useful for you too.  We will take the time and the energy to source the new, innovate and unique!

These changes won't be drastic but rather pleasantly subtle!  So stay tuned and join us on this journey!

I will keep you updated with new and wonderful items...

Oh and I will be back at the shop for the first time since November working on Thursday 28th February!

Chat soon!


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