Adele - Baby Boy's Name

by - 11:04 AM

I think Adele has let the "name" out of the bag!

Even though she has been calling her baby boy "little peanut" when referring to him, she was seen walking around with a gold necklace with the name "Angelo", similar to "Carrie", on it yesterday!  So that has gotten people wondering if that's the name of her 3 month-old baby boy!

Speaking of baby boys, another favourite of mine Shakira gave birth this week to a baby boy which she called Milan (Mee-lan)... I wonder if her "breasts are small and humble" when she starts breast feeding!

What do you think of the names...?

Chat soon!


P.S.S. - Apart from Adele's fabulous music, her make-up is amazing!

Photos courtesy of  E!

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