Ethically Produced Garments!

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I love having 'made in Australia' label on brands in the shop, and as this is harder and harder to find, I am now happy with brands that take pride in the ethical production of their garments.

One such brand is Tutu Du Monde.  Andrea the owner and designer of Tutu Du Monde explained this on her facebook status today and I thought it is important enough to share with you...

"Dear customers and friends, 

As Christmas is upon us, and with it mass-produced polyester disposable tutus everywhere you look - often with designer endorsement, I really wanted to share this photo with you. Taken on my last trip to India in October whilst working on the new collection, it perfectly illustrates our philosophy of creating a line of tutus that are not only timeless and exquisitely ma
de but are ecologically sustainable, ethically produced and crafted with love. These lovely women take great pride in making our dresses, all of which are hand-beaded and crafted one at a time - you’ll find no production line here. The exquisite beading of a single dress is the result of an entire day’s meticulous work. 

Many of these women have been with us from our humble beginnings but ever since word of what we were doing started to circulate in the surrounding area, we've been inundated with talented ladies wanting to work and use the skills handed down from generation to generation in their families. We are delighted to be able to offer these women employment in a safe and fair workplace where they might otherwise have none and give them the opportunity to earn extra income for their families.

That's what differentiates our tutus from cheap, mass-produced imports from China. Having been created with outstanding craftsmanship by women who take immense pride in what they do, our tutus, tops and accessories are made to last. They are crafted with love at every stage of the process, from the conception and design here in Australia to the workshop in Delhi. Yes, our prices are higher but that's because we use materials of the highest quality and can guarantee that our line is ethically produced."

Kudos to the Tutu Du Monde Team for creating a wearable work of art!

Chat soon!


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