Arghhhhh! Christmas to-do!

by - 3:06 PM

Yeap!  That's right!  11 weeks til Christmas and I am going to start my list!

Not my Santa list!  Definitely not that... but rather my to-do list...

You see I have SO MUCH to do from now until Christmas Eve I will definitely have a total freak out!

For those who don't know I have two children, one doing year 12 and one doing year 11!  My year 12, Benita, is in the business end of her schooling with all that comes with finishing high school.  My year 11, Dean, is also doing 2 year 12 subjects.  Imagine my household at exam time and the time leading up to exams.  Crazy!

Here is a brief outline what I have to do in the lead up to Christmas...

OCTOBER...Graduations...Presentation...Lead up to Exams... NOVEMBER... EXAMS... EXAMS... EXAMS... Wedding (a friends, not mine!)... Christening... Schoolies (Benita!)... Presentation
DECEMBER...VCE results (Good luck to my babies and everyone elses!)... Christmas shopping (doing it all local!)... Preparing the house for Christmas (one of my favourite things is decorating the house)...  Christmas lunch menu (another thing I love!)... Food shopping... Staff Christmas party... VIP Christmas shopping night... My birthday (low key...)...Food Preparating... and....finally... Christmas....

Lets not forget that this is the busiest retail time of the year as well. Yeap, I am exhausted just thinking about it!

Have you already started your shopping?

Chat Soon!


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