baby, what's your name?

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Yesterday a lovely regular customer dropped in to purchase a present for her new great-granddaughter!  My first question was "what is the baby's name?"  to which her response was "Winter Petal!" in an odd sort of way!

I loved the name... I know the mum of this baby and she is a very stylish lady with amazing taste so I am not surprised in her choice of name!

Being in this industry I get to hear a lot of names, some I love, some I hate, some are from music/TV/pop culture (Harper... I have heard that 100 times of late!), some are family names and some are just because... I have even had customers who haven't named their baby for weeks to make sure the name suits the babies personality.

My favourite names right at this moment are Willow, Dylan (for a girl), Layla (one of my all-time favourites), Joel (a favourite for ages), Josh and Jake!

I was going to name Benita Mia, at the time it wasn't a popular name, I had seen Pulp Fiction and I loved Uma Thurman in it and loved the name but I was concerned about naming my baby after a drug addict.  Dean was going to be Dylan but this was during the height of 90210 and I swear there were about 10 Dylans' every day in the paper so that went by the down like a lead balloon!

In the end, I named my kids after family members, Benita Maree is after my grandmother and mum, and Dean James is after my grandfathers(both sides)/dad/father-in-law and his middle name is after my husband.

Here is the list of the Top 10 names for Victoria:

1 Mia / Jack                                        
2 Ruby / William                                     
3 Olivia / Oliver                                     
4 Chloe / Ethan
5 Charlotte / Noah                             
6 Isabella / Thomas                                
7 Sienna  / James                                   
8 Amelia / Lucas                                
9 Ella / Joshua                                        
10Lily / Lachlan                                        

What are your babies/children's names and how did you choose them?

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