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I had a very interesting information night this evening.  You see my son is doing an exchange student programme later in the year to Bordeaux France!  Lucky boy!

There were a heap of interested parents, French teachers and a few French students on exchange here.  We were told a lot of things tonight.  We were told about location, about the weather,  about the sister/brother school and about the host families.  I found the talk fascinating and what I found most interesting was the things the French girls told us.  Actually it was more like what they taught us!

The French book of the moment
What I learnt tonight mainly was of how wrong we have gotten it here with our kids

  1. 3 set meals a day, breakfast, big lunch and dinner, NO SNACKS! and if you need to have a snack it is generally cheese or fruit!  No walking everywhere with food, all meals are an experience and each meal lasts generally about an hour! WOW!  No wonder you don't see many overweight children in France!
  2. Children eat the same as adults, there is no different menu for kids or cooking a "simplified version" of the meal! And that is from a very young age! Another WOW! I have been shamed! I have been cooking sometimes 2 and 3 separate meals to please everyone!
  3. No school uniforms, it is good to have your own individuality (also good for the fashion industry!).  At the same time you have to respect that you are dressing for school not for a social event! I guess that is why the French have such strong fashion sense from a young age and know how to dress for occasion.
  4. Make sure you bring a "good" outfit because Sundays the host family might be going to church!  That is when I nearly fell of my chair!  Good outfit and church in the same sentence!  The Europeans really dress up on Sundays rather than wear their trackies all day!
  5. There are large classrooms and students need to respect the teachers and not talk or disrupt the class.  Did I hear right? R-E-S-P-E-C-T the teachers!
  6. Generally we walk everywhere... so make sure you have good walking shoes (especially the girls, no high heels needed!).  Again obesity issue solved!  Just walk everywhere...

I know there have been many books written about why the French are so good at so many things but actually hearing it from these 16 year old girls really brought it home to me.  And they were so matter-of-fact about it all!

Chat soon!


The French Food Rules

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