Farewell Big, hope this trend stop!

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This week, Fiona Scanlan send a sad note to all her customers announcing the closure of all her Big stores and website.

Another week another closure, it has been happening for so many months, every week we hear of another brand or store or in this case both.  Brands that offered unique, original, creative clothes for parents to dress their kids in.  Originality of design wasn't the only things that these brands had, these brands offered superior fabrics and craftsmanship.  No mass produced copies here! These labels were the ones copied time and again.

The trend started last year when we had to advise our customers that Paul Frank and Trelise Cooper Kids would no longer be, followed by Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Mini and Miss Metalicus, after summer we will be saying goodbye to Nolita Pockets and Rare the Kids.  These are just some designers that we have had in our shop, imagine how many others there are that we don't know about.

So why is this happening?  Why this sudden decline in kids fashion? Is it that people aren't  spending as much, or opting to purchase the cheaper copied inferior versions of these brands? Is it the appeal of the "disposable couture", cheaper clothes that are worn and thrown out! Or are parents buying from overseas?

So many reasons and so many variables!  One thing I know for sure as sad as Fiona's message was, there will be heaps more like it, if parents choose to shop overseas and not support the smaller, local, independent stores.  We try the best we can for our customers day in day out.  Our margins aren't huge and we do not have any of the rebates andpenalties that the big stores get from brands.

Farewell to all these amazing brands and hope to see you in the future.  We thank you for your creativity and dressing our kids!

Chat soon!


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