Amazing Guest Bloggers...

by - 12:16 PM

Hey I have been thinking... (my husband hates it when I say that because generally it involves money and renovations, but not today!)... to spice things up a little why not have guest bloggers to give us ideas and insights to various things to do with kids and for ourselves as well.

I am very lucky to know some amazing women and men in various industries and most have agreed to share their knowledge and ideas with us!  Of couse we are open to suggestions on what you want to hear!

Some guest blog ideas:

  • are eating out with kids and where the children friendly places are
  • travelling with kids
  • best places to visit with kids
  • decorating
  • hair tips and ideas
  • hosting party ideas
  • food
  • make-up
  • what's new in womens fashion
  • starting up a website
  • starting up your own business
Just to name a few...

Like I said please let me know what else you want to discuss.

This is going to be fun!

Chat soon


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