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Sophie the Giraffe has been around for over 50 years!  Although a relative new phenomenon here in Australia, Sophie has been around for over 50, even I had one due to the fact that I was born in Europe!  Sophie is the darling of the celebrity babies as well!

I would like to pass on some information about Sophie and also take the time to view the short movie on how Sophie's are made.  Very informative and also it makes you appreciate the work that is put in to make one of these dolls!

"Paint on Sophie the Giraffe
The food-grade paint on Sophie the Giraffe is mineral based and safe for baby to chew and suck on. It is normal for the paint to gradually wear off. For this reason we do not replace Sophies with worn and faded paint.

How to look after Sophie?
Clean with a damp cloth and soapy water. Do not immerse Sophie in water as this will damage the squeaker. Don’t sterilise it by boiling or microwaving it (it could damage the natural rubber and the squeaker).

Why do Sophies differ in appearance?
Some customers comment that their Sophie looks different from their friend’s one. Sophie is handmade and hand painted so that’s why they all look a bit different. We’d recommend you have a look at the movie on how Sophie is made on Vulli’s website:

I hope you are more enlightened on the workings of Sophie!

Chat soon!


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