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Benita in here favourite Nolita bikini & kaftan
The last couple of days I have been helping my father "de-clutter" his house getting ready for sale.  Over the years I have been storing all my children's keepsakes at my parents house.  Suitcases and moving bags full of "memorable" clothes, shoes, rattles, soft toys but in particular clothes  that I have not had the heart to part with or hand down to family and friends.  

The most beautiful layette from Petite Bateau, all white with a silver/lavender/pale green trim all so tiny and little that my mum brought when she found out I was pregnant.  Dresses of my daughters from Osh K'Osh, Gumboots, Kenzo, Fred Bare, DKNY, jeans and tops of my sons from Rare, Energie, Diesle, Fred Bare.  Some absolutely amazing pieces I have to say.  And so many memories attached with these. Little boots from Timberland that my son wore when he was 3 years old!  Doc Martens that my mum again brought from overseas.  Embroidered jeans from Nolita Pockets that Benita loved and of course there most treasured lasting pieces from Fred Bare.

Some brands have gone through radical changes during the years, ie Run Scotty Run, back then so delicate and unique now mass produced and quite common.  Some brands have gone altogether, ie Trelise Cooper Kids, which has made me very sad.  But for me these clothes are so sentimental and my own little bit of history.

I don't know what my kids will do with these clothes that I have kept and friends have suggested that maybe I should do a little "retrospective" in the shop especially with the Fred Bare pieces which I have so many, like a "museum" window or something... All I know that every now and then I will definitely be bringing them out and marvelling at my kids vintage fashion!

Chat soon!


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