Buying for summer '12

by - 9:14 AM

Done! Finished! Over and out! For another season that is...

My favourite part of my job is done for another season and what can I say it has been a very interesting buying season to say the very least!

For this year what I have decided to do is to tell you my favourite pieces of each brand order, here goes:

Fred Bare - Boys -  Skateboard Tee in the most divine muted purple & the most funky 70's inspired shorts that work back like a dream
Fred Bare - Girl - the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G white crochet baby girls dress, so disappointed they didn't carry it through to the big girls

Tutu Du Monde - The most beautiful lavender tutu with an exagerated skirt and little bling detail!  So gorgeous...

Purebaby - I absolutely loved the gorgeous range of blankets for the new season!  Great colours and designs.

One Red Fly - the sheerest white dress with grey/black floral detailing... dreamy.  Also the fact that they are going up to a size 14!  (yeah! all the mums roar, as they can now fit into it themselves)

Snippets of summer '12/13
GAIA - where does one start... the cutest little tees and pants in the most amazing soft pink!  Also the exquisite mint green newborn range.

Minti - the stripe red/white and blue/white tanks! Love! Love! Love! Also love the fact that they are going up to a size 10!

Munster - THE spray can TEE!

Missie Munster - so many pieces here but if I had to pick one it would have to be the red Tee Dress with the dandelion on it! 

Kiniki - Worn denim shorts & the pink shorts both amazing!

Nolita Pockets - love the signature dress! Also very sad to let you know that summer '12 is Nolita Pockets last season...

Desigual - phenominal tops in stripes (I do love my stripes!)

Also a few new things that I am very excited about and will give you details a bit later!

A few brands not doing  summer this year are Mini and Miss Metalicus, Tommy Rocket and Two Belles as well.  Sad to see them go...

Unfortunately I can't give you pictures all I can say is stay tuned!!!!!     When I can I will and I am sure you will love as much as I have!

Chat soon!


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