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What is your mind set when you shop for your kids?

Do you buy clothes for your children similar to what you would wear?  Do you allow your kids to choose their own clothes? Do you take their personalities into account? Do you buy clothes that you were "deprived" when you were a child? Or do you get inspiration from magazines and movie stars kids?

Katie and Suri doing a stop of shopping at Hermes, as you do!
I know when my kids were little I did all of the above!  When they were really little, especially for my daughter,  I generally I bought things that I would wear,  lots of navy, red, white clean lines simple designs, jeans, tees, nothing too complicated.  By 4 she was a fairy and the fairy dresses were on rotation!  My little man had a fixation with Batman, so he too had 5 Batman costumes that were worn all the time!  By 7 they were both their own little people so from that stage I gave them a couple of options and they would choose themselves one.   

Since my children are 17 & 16, I have no control but I still have an influence.  Polo for my son with jeans, whilst my daughter is quite fashion forward, has a certain look, knows what suits her and just goes for it! 

Now I am in the enviable position of buying clothes for other peoples children. What makes it hard and exciting at the same time is the hope that my customer and their children will firstly trust my taste and secondly want to buy my clothes, all the while I have to order things so far in advance.  So for the past few weeks, I have been checking out the overseas fashion weeks for inspiration of what is to come for winter '13 and today watching the Oscars and drooling!  (So far Milla Jovovich in Ellie Saab!) 

Jessica Alba and gorgeous Honor doing
a spot of shopping!
Chat soon!


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