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happy buying season to me...

many customers constantly ask me how I do my buying, what strategies I use and how I co-ordinate all the different brands to have a cohesive season!

Well I will do my best to give you a quick insight and how the my brain works during this crazy time.  I definitely won't bore you with budgets, business plans and dollar spends what I can tell you is how I buy.

First the house rules:

  1. I have to love a brand, if I don't love it I can't sell it!  Plain and simple!
  2. I have to find the clothes "morally" acceptable for me, i.e. would I allow my children to wear it, if the answer is no, well its not on my order!
  3. Are the fabrics of the best quality and is the brand well reputed, because my shop is like my home, its a representation of who I am, and I would definitely not put rubbish in my home.
  4. I have to like the people that I deal with, this economic environment has really shown up the good and bad in people in all industries and especially in fashion.  If the agent or the distributor or the design house are hard work they are then off my list!
Okay, now here the actual buying rules:

gorgeous Sarah from Sancerre!

  • I guess what season I am buying for plays a big part, summer = dresses, dresses and even more dresses
  • To go back with the dress, cardis, leggings, accessories
  • So basically I build outfits, that is how I buy, I buy outfits
  • Winter is all about layering, long sleeve tops, hoodies to go on top, jeans/pants/trackie/skirts so on to go underneath
  • Occasionally you just buy pieces because I love them!  So if I see a cute tee that there is nothing to go back with I will buy it because I love it!  And I am sure you will find something to go back with it!
  • One major rule is that I will not buy everything that a brand shows me, there is no art of buying in that, I buy for my customers and for my taste and as yet I have not come across a brand that I LOVE everything from!
  • I am also always on the lookout for new and exciting brands... Its nice to inject some newness to the shop!
  • Try to attend as many gift fairs as possible, there are amazing barometers for both the industry and economic environment, always a great catch up with people!
So there you have my buying secrets... Its not brain surgery but its my process during this hectic season! 

Saying all the above, best I get a move on with all the orders that I have to submit!

Chat soon!


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