Trelise Cooper Kids Photography!

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A picture tells a thousand words!  How very true in most situations!  We are lucky enough that we have some wonderful suppliers that provide us with magnificent images that truly help us to sell their product.

Some that spring in mind are Fred Bare, always generous with any images from their website and also they would sends us heaps of catalogues back in the pre-internet days.  Metalicus, they always do great photography and sends us a pdf from their whole catalogue including the dreaded flat lays!  Purebaby amazing all the time and anytime with images, they do great shoots to reflect the mood of that season, whether its feathers or acorns it comes through in their photography. Paperwings again, from when we do the buying we have their whole catalogue and boy oh boy it is fantastic and inspirational!  Same with Munster! Two Belles and Tommy Rocket always giving with flat lays and of course when they do a catalogue!

Most designers realise the importance of a great shoot!  At the end of the day it is there to sell their product and that is what it does!

Which takes us to this seasons Trelise Cooper Kids photography.  It blew me off my chair when I saw it!  If I say amazing its not an understatement!  WOW!

They have managed to capture the most beautiful images of the clothes in a way that it reflects the mood of the season.  Generally we only use images of the stock that we have instore, of course we can't order everything.  This season I have ordered most of the stock in the imagery but even if I didn't I still would've used these images!

Enjoy these beautiful photos and I am sure you will be seeing them used in my website, facebook everywhere!

Chat soon!

PS I am seeing the range this afternoon... busting!

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  1. Hi there in case you are wondering who shot these images the photographer is Marissa Findlay :)

  2. beautiful photos....