Top 10 for Winter '11

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The buying is finally coming to a close close next week (Trelise Cooper a little late this year).  And being inspired by some of my facebook friends, I decided to do my top 10 in kids fashion for winter '11

TOP 10 KIDS Fashion Winter '11

10. Shaggy Vests - everyone has done one!  Loving the HOT and I mean HOT PINK Fred Bare one, the caramel coloured one from Big & Fiona is also pretty great!

9. Denim, Denim and even more denim... Denim skirts, denim shirts, denim jeans, denim dresses and of course one of the highlights of summer (welcome back and here have you been all this time????????)the denim jackets.  Some amazing new brands showcasing Denim, brands like Kiniki (unisex very cool and edgy), Kutie Protocol (Columbian again fabulous), and of course our faves from over the years Fred Bare, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Munster.

8.Kiniki, mentioned above, I feel that this brand can really work well.  A small tight range but with heaps of potential.  I really like the fact that most pieces work for both boys and girls.  Apart from a few tees that are more gender specific the rest of the range can be for both.  Especially loving the fact that they have amazing trackies! Click here to have a sneak peek of the range!

7. Tracksuits, I don't think I will have many customers complaining that we haven't done enough trackies.  Lets go through the brands and have a look at who hasn't done trackies rather than who has done them... Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Fred Bare, Minti, Kiniki, Munster, Missie Munster, Purebaby Kids, Paul Frank.  And of course there is a tracksuit for every taste!

6. Purebaby Kids (and Baby!)  I love this range, again they haven't disappointed me, on the contrary I loved practically every piece they have done!  The kids colour pallete is amazing, licorice, navy, pomgranate, cream, grey... imagine!  I was like a kid in a candy store!  The designs clean, non-fussy, everything you have come to expect from the babies range but on a higher level!

5. Transeasonal pieces.  Quite a few of the designers are catching on that when seasons are released it is not necessarily valid with the weather outside, hence a few are starting to either release the range later or they are designing pieces that work for that time of the year.  Fred Bare for instance have done a beautiful almost "high summer" with their first winter delivery.  Floral, silk/cotton summer dresses and jumpsuits that are perfect for late December early January!  Please Please more designers do the same!

4. Gaia has really taken it up a notch with their babies range, they have done some beautiful velours, soft and cuddly, just perfect for little bubbas in winter!

3. Trelise Cooper Kids, I know what you are going to say... I haven't even seen it yet!  I know that I will love it!  It always happens, its a love affair that has been happening for ages...  Animal print, bright yellow, creams and blacks (my personal fave combo!) and oh! Yeah! a stunning coat with the Eiffell Tower on the back complete with the flag!  Have a look for yourself! Click Here!

2.  Two Belles and Tommy Rockets - Cozy Wear!  How fantastic!  Not quite trackies, dressier and not quite pyjamas!  Something to change into after school, what to wear when you want to lounge around!  Perfect for sleepovers!  Love it!

And now for No 1.  Drum roll please....

1. One Red Fly!  I love this brand!  Like Trelise Cooper, I have been doing ORF for a long time and every year I see it getting better and better.  This year the knits are amazing.  The colour palette is very grey, pink, black, aubergine. What I also love is  the fact that ORF  will have a big sister from next season and unlike other brands the look and feel for this older.  Its not a repetition of the smaller sizes, it has its own unique look and feel.  I am so sure it will do very well on so many levels.

So here are my top 10!  I hope you will love the next season as much as I do!

Chat soon.


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