Purebaby Kids

by - 4:54 PM

I have been a very busy girl of late trying to get all my orders in and processed as I go.  One order that I have been stumped with is Purebaby Kids!

I could easily do the whole range for winter next year!  Love it!  (btw I love the baby range as well!) What I love is the colour palette, the simplicity of the designs as well as the wearability of the clothes.  The colour pallete includes colours like Pomegranate, licorice, fawn, indigo and oatmeal.  Nice, classic and no pink in site for the girls!  YEAH!  The boys colour palette is very similar to the girls and that says alot about how the range is.

The colour range and look is very similar with the range that has just arrived instore.  The first Purebaby Kids range!  Our customers are really loving it!  Nice, clean easy clothes and the price to match.  

For the launch of the range, we are offering the customer who purchase $100 and over on Purebaby Kids whether instore or online a free beach bag!  What a great gift and its not one of those shaby little bags, this one is great.  It can easily fit a big beach towel as well as a change of clothes!

For those of you that haven't seen the range, I have attached some images though we have most of the range on our website...

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Chat soon!

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