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Today I caught up with Michelle from Paperwings and her gorgeous baby girl!  We always sidetrack when we catch up and today was no different!  Breastfeeding, poo, bottles, Oh! and clothes...

But amongst all the chatting, I managed to see her lovely range for winter 11.  True to Paperwings style, its a tight classic range.  What I really loved though today was the baby range of Paperwings.  We have ordered it for summer as well and are hoping to have it instore mid-September.  

The theatrical element of Paperwings designs are so evident in this and every range I have seen.  And they too love red like me! Also layering is so easy for kids, you get to wear their clothes all year round, and Paperwings design around layering in a fun colourful way.

Of course I can't show you what is happening for winter, but I can let you know what to expect for summer... More images on Facebook!

Chat soon!

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