Buying Update!

by - 7:44 PM

Wow!  How busy have the last couple of weeks been!

The buying season is in full swing. Already done are, One Red Fly, Gaia, Claesens, Minti, Willow and Finn, Kiniki, Nolita Pockets.  Coming next week are Metalicus, Big and Fiona, Paperwings, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Purebaby, Paul Frank!  What a busy week!

What I can report already is the winter 11 is shaping up to be fantastic!  I am seeing lots and lots of knits, which I love. Grey is huge, all shades of grey from a light grey marle to deep charcoal greys.  The pants are very comfy, I am seeing the harem pant again but in a more structured form for both boys and girls, lots of layering pieces as well.

Loved a new brand I saw called Kiniki, very wearable!  A tight range that I see developing greatly, again stylish but comfortable clothes, they have that worn, lived in look that kids love!

I am very happy to say that I saw two new 8 - 14 brands emerge!  Yeah!  Fun, edgy clothes for that hard to buy for group.  Sometimes that age group is so hard because they aren't quite grown up but at the same time they aren't little.  No doubt to attract the more petite mums as well. What I saw impressed me greatly wish I could say more but you have to stay tuned in for more details in months to come.

I have to say that its shaping to be a winter of comfort!

Will report more next week.

In the meantime, drop in to the store or online, heaps of new things are in.  We have unpacked so many boxes the last few days!  Just in today was Purebaby which we love love love!!!  Looking at their range makes us want to have more babies... Just a thought...

Chat soon!

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