VIP Night 16th June 2010 VIP Night 16th June 2010

by - 8:57 PM

WOW!  What a great night we had on our VIP night!

We thought no-one would come as it was one of the coldest winters nights!  The wind that blows through Black Rock is one of those winds that goes right through your bones! I feel 100 years old just saying that!  But just ask any who lives there!

So with our bubbly chilling, our cupcakes all ready, the goody bags stacked, our lovely customers starting arriving!  It was a fun night to be had by all.

The thing is that nights like these don't just happen!  There is a lot of work leading up to these from the invites, (thanks Tamara), to the goodies bags (thanks to all our lovely suppliers), to the door prizes (thanks so much to Jeni from Beau and Arro, to the set up (thanks Anna).

On the night, Anna did not move from behind the counter, poor love, I think she was parched so I just had to give her some champagne! I was pouring drinks and my beautiful girl Benita had her own little fan club of kiddies! She entertained them whilst the mums and dads shopped!

I would like to individually thank all who came and all involved for all the effort.

We should start planning for our Summer VIP night from now...

Chat soon!
H x

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