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Yesterday and I went to see the lovely Mel from Paul Frank for second summer.  I real like the second summer deliveries because they come in after all the main players have delivered and they inject some newness to the shop. Also second summer is normal fun and gifty.

We do a really nice second summer with Paul Frank as they have the fun PJs, beach towels, bags, wallets so on...

I was very happy to see yesterday that they are re-introducing the 8 - 14 year old size.  They had this size in the past and did away with it! Why? Our best customers are the tween/teen girls and for the last couple of season have had to buy women XXS, XS because there was nothing else.

Why do so many brands do  away with that vital age bracket. Do they think that kids of that age don't buy clothes or do they think that a size 14 is for a 14 year-old.  Everyday we see on TV that our kids are getting bigger and bigger.  I sell most of my size 10 to 7 & 8 year olds.  Mind you they aren't big, they are just taller or want their clothes roomier.  Kids aren't hung up on sizes like adults are.  They seek look and comfort.

Fred Bare had Hula Girl which was their "older" girl range.  They stopped it and then reintroduced it and now they stopped it again!  At least Fred Bare has caught on and now are taking the girls range to a size 14 and the boys range to a size 12.  Also they have some styles that are slight more sophisticated that they can be for the older children.

The brands that we carry that are going to the bigger sizes are Fiona, Two Belles & Tommy Rocket, One Red Fly, of course Fred Bare, Willow and Finn, Trelise Cooper, Paperwings.  I am also introducing for summer Gypsy 05 Kids and they too have a great range for the older kids.

Chat soon.

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