Mini and Miss Metalicus New Delivery

by - 9:40 PM

Metalicus always does great colours, especially in the Mini Metalicus range.   I have to say the pink (winter pink) and purple (hourglass!?!?) that they have done for this second delivery is amazing!  Nice clean pink and purple, no wishy washy from Mini Metalicus!

Nice bold stripes and shirring and I love shirring!  Many of the dresses are A-line or flowy.  These designs are flattering for every little blossom!

And lets not forget that this delivery has had great skirts in there as well!  I really liked this delivery for the Mini Metalicus range. 

But I ask "Where do they get the names from?"

As for the Miss Metalicus range, well they have my favourite of their dresses in this delivery, the Soho Pocket dress.  I liked it so much I have ordered it in 3 colour ways.  There you know that I like a style!  Again, names like Roxy (pinky/redy colour), pigeon (taupe/grey/khaki) and night marle (very dark navy) descibe the Miss Metalicus colours.

Of course their basics are always on our best seller lists as well as the tights (stripe or solid).

Come instore or go online!  Hurry as Mini and Miss Metalicus is always quick out the door!

Chat soon!

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