Just Loaded on line

by - 11:03 PM

What a busy night... Spent a good part of it loading Willow and Finn and Munster.  Also loaded Big and Fiona a couple of nights ago. 

The Big and Fiona delivery is my favourite of this season, you don't see Fiona Scanlan use black a lot but this drop is all black and creme, my favourite colour combination.  I love it!  Apart from the divine tulle skirts and creme tops with the black "bling" detailing, there is black/creme stripe tops, great scarfs, and of course a big range of basics.

Willow and Finn have done some great knits, skirts, jackets and tunics.  The girls use the greatest range of fabrics and do simplicity in the best possible way. 

Munster have also delivered great jeans, hoodies, windcheaters and long sleeve tees.  But what most kids love the most is the fact that Munster have "in-built" thumb holes on the sleeves, can you believe it!

Enjoy and Chat soon!

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