Summer 10 buying has started...

by - 8:43 AM

I am so happy at the moment, I have started summer 10 buying... Yesterday I saw the lovely Dana at Purebaby. I am very happy to tell you that they they are now extending their range to go to a size 7. I know many of my customers will be happy with that piece of information.

The best thing of all is that I loved the whole range so much that I will be doing more or less the whole range, at least in one colourway. The lines are very clean, no fuss, easy to wear, no doubt to please kids and parents alike. Another aspect of the range that I loved is that although it has the same feel and colour palette as the baby range, it is sophisticated and "older".

The problem will be that the older kids, ie 8 upwards will feel left out.

As for the babies, all I can say it is by far my favourite of all the seasons that they have done! I always walk away pleased with the girls but this year I feel that the boys is amazing... they have really nailed it. That is not to say that the girls isn't good. Like I said I feel that you will be seeing their best season to date.

Friday I will be seeing Miss and Mini Metalicus, I hope that they have a good season, summer generally is great for Metalicus.

Chat soon!

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