One Red Fly Red Tree Dress

by - 2:37 PM

Officially this week we had the fastest selling dress in Little by Little's history. The One Red Fly Tree dresses lasted a whole day in store! Everyone that had the opportunity to see it bought it!

That style of dress suited everyone, the red was a really nice red that complimented any skin tone and they were so flattering. Needless to say the size 10 & 12 went to mums! I am so jealous I wish they made it to a size 14 kids, because I tell you I would be wearing on as well.

Saying so I have asked Lisa from One Red Fly repeatedly to go to a size 14 rather than stopping at a size 12. Apart from all the young ladies it will be catering for, it will also suit a lot of the petite mums.

Another new style that came in this week is the silver sequin dress. I want of these, apart from the fabric being fantastic and silk, the detailing is amazing! Its all hand beaded, imagine the work!

I guess styles like that when we see them we need to make sure we buy them to stock. Now to the complex task of doing the buying for summer 10 for One Red Fly!

Chat soon!

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