Mini and Miss Metalicus Summer 10/11

by - 5:37 PM

I went to see Jane and Jenni at the agency that looks after Metalicus. You never know what to expect from Metalicus, and I have to say I went in quite apprehensive with a smallish budget.

How silly was I to feel like that.

Mini and Miss Metalicus for summer 10 is absolutely gorgeous! Names like dahlia purple, jellybean, magic dust , lemonade and siren are bound to make you take notice. Frills and spills, jumpsuits, ra-ra skirts, pinis, lace-trimmed tops (I want one for me!), shirred dresses and tops are just a taste of things to come.

Of course you have also the ever popular basics to go back with all of these delightful pieces and everything little girls and some not so little will rejoice (like I said, I will definitely try to squeeze in the 12-14 lace trimmed top in black!).

Forget about the budget!

Chat soon with more buying updates.


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