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I just spent two great days away with my beautiful daughter Benita. For her brithday, I had promised to take her to Sydney to see her beloved band The Killers in an intimate concert at the Enmore Theatre. Imagine the excitement leading to the day and imagine the disappointment when they cancelled 24 hours prior to the concert.

So here I was with two airline tickets, a hotel booked and paid for, and a very sad, actually devastated 15 year old! To top it off, her favourite designer in the world Alexander McQueen dies. So imagine the tears!

What started as a disaster ended as a great 2 days of loveliness. We went shopping (of course!), eating out, sight seeing and bonding. I had a wonderful time with my lovely Beni. We have now made a pact that we will try to have a weekend escape just the two of us, at least twice a year. I strongly recommend it!

Whilst I was away, Tamara and Anna were busy in the shop, especially now that we have had such beautiful things arrive. Tommy Rocket, Two Belles, Metalicus and Purebaby all at once. Between us all we have managed to load most of the images online.

Have a look and again, thanks Beni for a wonderful trip away.

Chat soon.

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