One Red Fly & Fred Bare New Season

by - 4:46 PM

At the start of last week our shop was looking a little things changed by the end of the week.

Fred Bare and One Red Fly on the same day! We had 5 big boxes of Fred Bare to unpack and 2 big boxes of One Red Fly.

I have said it before and I will say it again, One Red Fly is one of my favourite brands. Lisa, the designer of One Red Fly, manages to combine the most simple and elegant designs with exquisite fabrics. Style and elegance, pity she doesn't make her designs for women, we would definitely be selling them.

As for Fred Bare, this delivery had a lot of boys and one of my favourite tees for both boys and girls are of the whole season are amongst those delivered. Its nice to see Fred Bare doing some very interest graphic work on their tees. Its also great to see Fred Bare ramping it up in their tee design!

My favourite fringe jacket is also in, its like a bit woolly blankie that you can cocoon in! To be a child to wear it!

All new things are now online...

Chat soon


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