Cowboy Jack

by - 6:41 AM

On Wednesday, Tamara and I met with a lovely lady who imports kids cowboy boots. Patrice was nice enough to bring me her range of these fabulous boots. And I was like a kid in a candy store.

As you might know I have a thing with all things shoe/boot and nothing sends a tingle down my spine like all things shoe/boot and red. I call it my Dorothy complex, somewhere in my past I must have wanted red shoes and was denied!

Hence when Patrice brough out these tiny red cowboy boots with lovely detailing, black soles my reaction was pure Glee!

Needless to say we will be have these delightful boots instore late Feb/early Mar and no doubt there are plenty of others with my complex because all things red tend to disappear very quickly.

We are also doing these boots in a distressed tan very boho/gypsy. The tan are also very unisex. The best thing of all is that the tan boots go up to a size 39, and guess who will be buying a pair for themselves?

Chat soon

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