It's almost 2010!

by - 9:06 PM

I can't believe where this year has gone...and boy what a year it has been! We started the year with the two shops and we are finishing the year with two shops again, the difference being Hampton is no longer and we now have the online shop!

We are also starting the New Year with a massive Summer Clearance both online and in the shop. We are getting ready for the new season winter 2010. Of course we have started receiving the lovely new things from Fred Bare.

It's very exciting this time of the year for us at Little by Little. Every time we see the delivery guys our heart starts beating a little faster...not because they are George Clooney's clone or something but we know that new goodies will be delivered.

For our Fred Bare customers here is a sneak look at the new season...

Also to all you gorgeous customers, I hope you have a fabulous New Year!


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