Busy Buying Winter 10

by - 9:15 AM

What a busy week this has been! Apart from the fact that the Gift Fair was on (more about that later), I have been busy with appointments for Winter 10. I know most of you haven't gotten over this winter but we are busy buying next winter and for some brands, summer 10/11. This week I have seen the lovely things that GAIA had to offer, Chalk and Cheese, ORF (love, love, love!) and today I am off to see Big and Fiona. I can't wait!

Buying is by far my favourite thing. The anticipation to see what is coming, the beautiful fabrics, textures, colours all make this process that best part of my job. Even though I am definitely a summer person, I love the fashions for winter, the coates, dress, pants, blouses!

As for the gift fair, we have stocked up very well for Christmas, books and vintage toys, bags and accessories, there will be something for everyone for Christmas this year. One of my favourite brands at the Gift Fair was San Cerre and the lovely Sarah. WOW! Has she been creative or what. I can't wait to show you her lovely things.

Everything is slowly coming in store, we anticipate Two Belles and Tommy Rocket this week along with more Fred Bare, Fiona, Big and Trelise Cooper. One Red Fly is being delivered today with their white and silver story being in this delivery.

See you soon.

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